Yobi Adventures ™ Announces Fly-Fishing Online Marketplace

Monday, 2 May, 2016
LOS GATOS, CA (May 2016)  Yobi Adventures officially announces the opening of an online community marketplace designed to assist fly-fishing enthusiasts in planning and booking trips. Like Airbnb, navigating the website is easy and provides a single source for detailed content on fishing trips.

Yobi Adventures CEO Reza Almaneih describes Yobi as a long overdue and much needed service. “Before Yobi, nothing like this existed. Now fly-fishermen everywhere have all the information they need, from selecting a destination and booking a trip, to finding the best beer in town. The site is rich in content, intuitive and designed by experienced anglers who know what information fishermen want most.“

The idea for Yobi arose from the frustration the three principals encountered in planning their own fishing vacations. “To the extent any information was available, it was scattered, inconsistent and unreliable,” Almaneih says.  “We decided there had to be a more efficient and entertaining way to find the information we sought, but as we built out the site Yobi became more than just information – it grew into an extensive community marketplace for fly-fishing.”  The Yobi Community continues to grow with over 1200 pages of content including fishing towns, rivers and lakes, outfitters and guides, fishing trips and much more. By summer, Yobi will have completed the top US destinations and the outfitters that support them providing anglers with a one-stop destination for their fly-fishing needs.

About Yobi Adventures
Yobi Adventures is headquartered in Los Gatos, California, and is led by CEO Reza Almaneih, a marketing communications specialist with an extensive background in website and content development. He is a self described Fly-fishing Evangelist. Alex Hammer, CAO (Chief Adventure Officer), a senior leader in hi-tech in the Silicon Valley, spends as much time as possible chasing rainbows - the kind that swim. Eric Shores, a man who prefers to be known as the Chief Fish Whisperer, is an outfitter and guide who has been pursuing trout in Montana waters for over 30 years.

Go to YobiAdventures.com and learn about the best towns to visit, rivers to encounter, and guides to share your fishing adventure.

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Kim Emery
Yobi Adventures
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