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Discover the top fly fishing rivers in Montana

A river runs through it … That’s what one famous author said about Montana. But at Yobi Adventures we know better. Scores of rivers run through it and they are among the best fly fishing rivers in the world. Rivers range from small gems like the Ruby, chock full of large fish, to the Missouri, the longest river in the US and known in Montana for its 40 mile, trout laden, Blue Ribbon run. The question isn’t whether to fish in Montana. It’s deciding which rivers to choose and how to find a way to fish all of them!

This map is great way to help you understand where to fish in Montana. On the map you will find:

  • The Blue-ribbon fishing rivers of Montana
  • The top trout towns to stay
  • Key airports

Download your free copy now. Get to know what Yobi knows, the largest and best informed fly fishing community in the world.
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