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Weekly Short Casts for 2012-03-22

By Tom Chandler 3/22/2012

  • No real surprise; US farm subsidies increasingly going to wealthy operations and corporations, not family farms: #

  • RT @matt_weiser: Honeybee Colony Collapse Linked to Corn Insecticide #climate #food #eco #

  • Study finds steep decline in young people&'s concern about the environment - @AP #

  • The *Real* Outdoor Apocalypse Period -- Man arrested after attempting CPR on roadkill opossum: #

  • &"I waited for the fish to rise again, then threw the stick as hard as I could at him, then turned and left the stream&" #

  • Too lazy to write that sentence you&'re being paid for? Let &"The Virtual Academic&" sentence generator do it for you: #

  • &"But they fuck us up, these trout streams, and we tend to lie, you see.&" Nice post from The Angler&'s Culvert: #

  • California’s Dismal Snowpack/Waterpack Numbers Tick Up Ever So Slightly | California Trout, Inc. #

  • California Legislators Work To Protect California’s Iconic Coho Salmon From Extinction | California Trout, Inc. #

  • Star Trek fans take note: 90 minutes of Enterprise background engine noise (white noise to write by?): #

  • Important breaking News -- National Muskrat-skinning champs retain titles: #

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